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Greening Your Getaway

Summer is the perfect time for a weekend getaway, or an even longer vacation. It is a great time to refresh, revisit with friends and reconnect with your inner self and explore the world. Why not do so in a green, eco-friendly way? Rejuvenate yourself while being kind to the planet. Our Zoo animals and their wild counterparts will thank you. Every action we take, even ones while on vacation, has an impact on these animals and their habitats. When you go on vacation, don’t send your green habits on vacation also. Check out these tips for greening your getaway.

  • Getting from Here to There – Flying has the greatest environmental impact compared to trains and automobiles. When making arrangements, travel by land if possible and as an added bonus, land travel allows you to see where you’re going. If you do need to fly, combine trips and avoid stopovers and look into buying carbon offsets for your flight.
  • Watch What You Pack – Pack light. The more you pack, the heavier your bag (or bags) and the more jet fuel will be used (not to mention extra charges for checked baggage). Before you leave, do a little research to find out what the weather will be like at your destination and pack accordingly. Not all countries/destinations have sophisticated waste management or recycling facilities. Avoid disposable items and substitute biodegradable products in your toiletries case.
  • Home Goes on Vacation too – Before you leave, make a few changes at home to keep it safe, save energy and have a lower utility bill. Switch off all the lights, turn off and unplug electronics and appliances, turn down thermostat on your hot water heater and adequately adjust your home’s heating or cooling system. Suspend your newspaper subscription as well.
  • Going Paperless – In this digital age, utilize the Internet as much as you can for booking accommodations, travel and tours. Use your public library, friends and family to gather more information on your destination, rather than gathering brochures from travel agencies or buying new guide books. Once you are at your destination, take free maps and brochures only as necessary.
  • Eco-Accommodations – If you are able to, stay in places with specially designed vacation resorts, farm stays, and tours with green credentials and that are ecologically sustainable. Let housekeeping know you don’t need your sheets and towels changed every single day. Bring your own toiletries (those small free bottles waste a lot of packaging) and use reusable containers instead of travel size items. Turn of the A/C or heat when you leave the room, as well as the TV and lights, and unplug any appliances or chargers that aren’t in use.
  • While You Stay – Travel with a reusable water bottle and/or coffee mug. Walk to and from places, or use public transportation if it is available. It is greener, and cheaper. When you’re shopping for souvenirs, do so safely. Purchase items that don’t exploit or deplete local wildlife and flora. Support local crafts people instead of purchasing plastic or touristy items that are most likely imported.


True Green Life in 100 Everyday Ways by Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin

Ready, Set, Green by Graham Hill and Meaghan O’Neill


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Solar systems

Solar panels convert sunlight visible on renewable energy. Often confused with solar panels for water or other material used for air heating, heat, solar panels sometimes photovoltaic (PV) solar modules. We competent staff focuses it easier for you to Design Builder and decide on the solar system for each project, whether simple science experiment solar camping equipment, a solar panel on a mobile RV solar panels or a complete residential solar systems.
Many people use this roll-up solar cells on ships because they are durable and are easily stowed away after use. You will find solar panels in a variety of skills. Watts are the primary measure of a solar panel, with the voltage. Roofing Solar Panels (laminates) are becoming more common, but still only a limited amount available at this time. This is not as complicated as it seems. Basically, a panel of 100 watt monocrystalline solar energy should have the same return as polycrystalline solar modules of 100 watts and 100 watts panel amorphous solar cells. The main difference is the amount of space that holds the solar panel. To a rough idea of the number of Watt solar modules you need for your home, start by using the power consumption (in watt-hours per day) the sun in your area. Most solar cells can be classified as monocrystalline, polycrystalline or amorphous. This is the structure of silicon, which contains the cell.
Many of the first solar cells produced in the 50s are still in use today. Many solar panels are guaranteed for 20 years or more. A common security states that the panels will produce at least 80% of their rated power after 20 years. With an inverter, mounting system, batteries and solar charger solar panels can generate electricity for energy-efficient appliances and lighting and appliances in most households. The solar cells usually last more than 25 years and require little maintenance..
A simple and safe to do so is to use at MC (Multi-Contact) plug into the wiring of the solar modules of the article.If you want to use more solar panels in your system, you must also consider the safety across the entire photovoltaic solar cells and charge controller.

solar cells

tankless water heater

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tankless water heater

green products.

With a little looking, you can find all the environmental friendly products, like home wind turbines, you need to make your home into an environmental friendly house. It is easy to do your part to help the environmental friendly products , and it will give you peace of mind as well. There are many eco sites that you can find all over the internet that will provide you with information and environmental friendly products tips to make going green even easier.
Making these small changes is not difficult since there are many stores that carry green products. In most cities you will be able to find at least one store that specializes in ecologically friendly products. At one of these you will be able to find just about anything you are looking for. But even many regular stores now carry some green products such as cleaners. Reusable grocery bags are another item that have become very popular and are environmental friendly products . No matter what your reason for going more environmental friendly products is, you know it is important. But a lot of people cannot jump into being green all at once. Thankfully it is something that can be done in steps. You can start with one small change, and add other changes on as you go. Each of these changes is an improvement, and they really start adding up! Using energy efficient products and appliances can help cut down on your bills even more because they will use much less energy. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and clothes dryers can all be commonly found in energy efficient models. Since these appliances are some of the biggest energy users in a home, this can make a big difference.
There are many companies that specialize in making environmental friendly products . These let you give hip little gifts to your family and friends while you are supporting being green. This furniture is generally made from recycled, reclaimed, or sustainable materials. Recycled materials such as metal can make new furniture while promoting reuse. Reclaimed materials such as wood can be shaped into new things instead of being thrown away. Sustainable materials such as bamboo can be made into a wide variety of things, but the harvesting of it is not detrimental to the environment.

solar panels

solar systems

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