Alexa retires

Anatolian Shepherd “Alexa” came to the Cat Ambassador Program when she was 8 weeks old in January 2000 to be a companion and playmate for cheetah “Sahara”.  Though it was not play at first sight Sahara and Alexa soon became good friends and excellent playmates.  They also became good travel buddies, sharing the cheetah conservation story across Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky to students and conservation enthusiasts. 

During her time here, Alexa helped to educate hundreds of thousands of school children and zoo visitors.  Now, at almost 10 years old, Alexa is ready to retire from the ambassador life.  She has left the program to live with a trainer who raised her.  Alexa plans to spend her retirement lounging on the sofa, playing in the yard and of course, taking long naps.  Anatolian shepherds CJ and Pow Wow, now 6 and 2, will take over all Anatolian ambassador responsibilities, including school programs and summer shows.  They have big paws to fill!

We will miss Alexa and hope she enjoys her retirement!