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Padmae is Healthy But No Longer Pregnant

We’re sad to report that Padmae the aardvark is no longer pregnant.  Her pregnancy lasted about six months, and her body exhibited signs of being pregnant for months after the pregnancy ended.  Even ultrasounds were misleading.  They showed enough movement and fluid that technicians believed Padmae was still expecting.  Finally, an x-ray revealed that there was no calcium in the womb area. False pregnancies, or pseudopregnancies, can occur after an animal has lost a baby and the body hasn’t recognized the loss.  Padmae is healthy and doing fine.

Padmae was up and about yesterday –  posted by @LGRed

June 26, 2013   3 Comments

Still Pregnant! Aardvark Update

We’ve been waiting for Padmae’s bundle of joy for weeks!  I stopped asking the keepers if anything was new with her after hearing “still waiting” 20 or 30 times.  Today, nursery keeper Dawn Strasser sent me this video update that shows the baby moving!!  This is certainly good news…but we’re still waiting!

May 22, 2013   1 Comment

Aardvark Baby Watch

The most comfortable position for our very pregnant Padmae these days is on her back with her head in nursery keeper Dawn Strasser’s lap! We’re hoping to see a healthy baby aardvark any day now!

Aardvarks give birth to a single offspring (occasionally twins are produced) after a seven-month pregnancy. Youngsters emerge with eyes open and claws fully developed.


Padmae on Dawn’s lap


April 23, 2013   3 Comments