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Celebrating Earth Day with a Party for the Planet!

Happy Earth Day! While we encourage our community to be earth-friendly all year round, we’ll take the opportunity to really drive the message home during our 7th annual “Party for the Planet” next Thursday, April 28 from 4-8:30pm. It’s a celebration of the Earth, and a festival for all things “green” in Cincinnati. Businesses and organizations from around the region will be on hand at the Greenest Zoo in America to share their expertise and resources about living more sustainability within our communities. Topics include solar energy, composting, recycling, energy efficiency, green building, rain gardens/barrels, sustainable food, green products, beekeeping, and many more.

Excited to learn how to help our planet! (Photo: Fia Cifuentes)

Excited to learn how to help our planet! (Photo: Fia Cifuentes)

In addition to learning ways to go green, also visit the Go Green Garden for the 4th Annual Rain Barrel Painting Event, hosted by the Cincinnati Zoo, Save Local Waters and the Regional Stormwater Collaborative. Rain barrels are an easy and inexpensive way to conserve water and save money, and for homeowners to take one small action that collectively will have a major impact on our local environment. Local artists have done their part to motivate area homeowners to save rainwater in dazzling beautiful rain barrels. The typical dull green or drab rain barrel has been revamped into a creative and colorful accent piece that will make any homeowner proud to use in their landscaping. Participate in the People’s Choice Award and vote for your favorite painted rain barrel online.

Check out some of the beautifully painted rain barrels that will be up for auction.

Check out some of the beautifully painted rain barrels that will be up for auction.

Guests will be able to bid on their favorite barrels for purchase during a silent auction from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Bids start at $90, increasing by $10. This year, we are also offering a “buy it now” price of $450. Cash, checks, and credit cards will be accepted. All proceeds benefit Save Local Waters and the Cincinnati Zoo for environmental education and sustainability projects.

Party for the Planet takes place during Tunes & Blooms, a weekly concert Thursdays in April, featuring local musicians. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful tulips and other spring flowers the Zoo has planted, listen to some great, local music, learn about ways to go green, and enjoy the spring evening with your family and friends. And, enjoy Zoo Blooms all around.

The Party is free with Zoo admission. Admission to the Zoo is FREE after 5pm and parking is $10.

Even the peacocks love the blooms! (Photo: Deb Simon)

Even the peacocks love the blooms! (Photo: Deb Simon)

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Recycle Electronics, Expired Medications and Other Difficult Items at the Uptown Recycling Day!

earth in hands

Celebrate the 46th anniversary of Earth Day. Join us this Saturday, April 23rd for the first Uptown Cincinnati Recycling Day! Uptown businesses and organizations have joined together to help make recycling an easier task for those hard-to-recycle items. From 10am until 2pm, we will provide an environmentally friendly way to dispose of unwanted belongings that would take up valuable habitat space in the landfill and could cause pollution in our environment. Located on the northeast corner of Martin Luther King Drive and Reading Road (enter off of Harvey Avenue), the following event partners will also be on site to support your recycling needs:

  • Cleanlites Recycling will collect electronics, accessories and other universal waste. The Cleanlites team will also take old batteries, but cannot accept tube-style TV’s and monitors.
  • All-Pro Shredding will take up to five boxes of confidential papers you may have laying around after tax season.
  • Hamilton County Heroin Task Force, in partnership with PreventionFIRST!, will properly dispose of any unused, unwanted or expired medication and pharmaceutical drugs.
  • St. Vincent de Paul will collect gently used, worn or torn clothing and linens.

“Uptown is our home, our workplace and where we go to have fun, so joining together to host a community recycling day benefits everyone. It reduces our negative impact on the natural environment, creates awareness and education and leads to a healthier community and healthier people,” says Katie Schneider, TriHealth’s sustainability consultant.

“Giving our residents, our employees, and our patrons easier opportunities to recycle, and make good decisions when it comes to the environment, is a great way to show Uptown our commitment to sustainable practices. As the Greenest Zoo in America, the Cincinnati Zoo is always looking for ways to inspire our community to go green too. Being serious about natural resource conservation and reduction means we are serious about wildlife conservation. Every little bit helps, every action makes an impact – including recycling. Now these items will be kept out of our waterways and out of the landfill, making our community and environment much healthier.” – Fia Cifuentes, Sustainable Communities Advocate at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Many thanks to the Uptown Partners organizing this event:

  • Uptown Consortium
  • Tri-Health
  • Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Cincinnati Children’s
  • UC Health
  • City of Cincinnati Environment & Sustainability

For additional information or questions, please contact stationa@uptownconsortium.org or gogreen@cincinnatizoo.org.

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Grow the Zoo’s Best Plants for Pollinators in Your Own Yard

After more than 25 years of trialing plants, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden knows which plants grow and look best in our region. We’ve narrowed down that list to the plants that most benefit pollinators to create the Zoo’s Best Plants for Pollinators Plant Series.

Working with local plant growers, we have introduced a Zoo-branded line of plants that are easy-to-grow, beautiful, and pollinator-friendly. Available for purchase at many independent local garden centers, a portion of the proceeds support the Botanical Gardens at the Zoo. Download the list of plants and participating retailers here: Zoo’s Best Plants for Pollinators.

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Why plant for pollinators?

Pollinators are beneficial

All of us enjoy the beauty that the many species of butterflies and moths bring to our lives, and we depend on honeybees to pollinate a huge proportion of our food crops. That is just a small part of what pollinators do. Thousands of species of native bees, wasps, and flies ensure reliable pollination throughout the ecosystem so that abundant crops of seeds regenerate wild areas and also provide seeds and fruits for birds and other wildlife to eat. Just as importantly, many pollinating insects also prey upon pest insect species, such as aphids and scale, which ensures a more balanced, healthier garden and ecosystem.

Pollination in progress! (Photo: DJJAM)

Pollination in progress! (Photo: DJJAM)

Pollinators are under pressure

Pollinator numbers are falling due to loss of habitat and other pressures. Your yard can provide valuable habitat to help support healthy populations of pollinators.

Make your yard a thriving oasis for pollinators!

  • Include Zoo’s Best Plants for Pollinators in your yard to attract and provide for pollinators.
  • Limit use of pesticides. Only spray when necessary, seek expert advice, and follow label instructions exactly if you do use them.
  • Provide sources of water, such as a birdbath or a water feature.
Pipeline swallowtail on Zinnia Zahara 'Fire'

Pipeline swallowtail on Zinnia Zahara ‘Fire’

Come see us at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden!

These plants and many others are part of every Zoo visitor’s experience. Come see us! Enjoy our gardens as well as the World of the Insect exhibit to learn more about these fascinating and beneficial animals.

World of the Insect (Photo: DJJAM)

World of the Insect (Photo: DJJAM)

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