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Tiger Sculpture Arrives

Kingdom Productions did an amazing job creating a life-size tiger relief sculpture for the Cat Canyon exhibit. Below are some pictures of the installation.

All wrapped up and ready to go to the Zoo

All wrapped up and ready to go to the Zoo

Transporting the sculpture into the Cat Canyon area

Transporting the sculpture into the Cat Canyon area



Next, Horticulture will move in and pretty up the space with plants so it looks as if the tiger is peeking out from the vegetation. Come by the exhibit when it opens later this month to get the full effect.

June 14, 2012   1 Comment

Cat Canyon Progress

Just a quick update on Cat Canyon, which is scheduled to open in just a few weeks.

As always, last minute adjustments made on site during the construction process have to be considered when preparing to install signage, as we are discussing in the photo below.

Discussing signage placement


The tiger viewing shelter is shaping up nicely. The glass window is in and the trellis is finished. A shallow pool sits just in front of a good part of glass window.


Tiger viewing shelter

The animal yards are coming together, too. Here the sod is being laid in one of the tiger enclosures. Other plants, trees and bamboo, have been planted.


Rolling sod

And here’s a shot of the first tiger yard, complete with a rainbow!


First tiger yard

June 11, 2012   1 Comment

Cat Canyon Construction Continues

With beautiful weather like today, the construction crew down at Cat Canyon is busy. The snow leopard and tiger enclosures are really starting to take shape and the tiger viewing shelter is going up. Most of the public paths have been paved and the footers are in for the tiger sculpture and an artificial tree sporting claw marks. Horticulture has started bringing in plants and getting ready to landscape. Next week the sound system and speakers will go in and we’ll start planning where to pipe in the tiger roars and such. Our signs are still in production, which is fine because they are usually the last elements to be installed. See how the exhibit construction is coming along for yourself in Thane’s latest video.

May 18, 2012   No Comments