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Klyde’s Crate Training Success!

Klyde’s crate training was a success!  He walked right in this morning and is now safely on his way to Sedgwick County Zoo.

Walked in like a champ!

Walked in like a champ!

Klyde’s two main keepers, Marjorie and Randy, will be accompanying him on the drive to his new home, where he will get to meet his new girlfriend and keepers.  They are not willing to let him go it alone.  They will also have the opportunity to teach the keepers that will be working with him all of his behaviors and favorite foods, toys, and treats.  Even though this is going to be a HUGE transition, Marge and Randy are making it as smooth going as possible.


Randy helps Klyde cool off.

Last week  had ups and downs for Klyde and the staff in the Veldt.  Klyde went from many good days in a row to having a few days that set him back.  When an animal get set back, you have to return to the stage that they are willing to work with you and then move forward again.  Usually the progress is a faster progress than the first time, at least that’s what most trainers bank on!

Marjorie and Klyde

Marjorie and Klyde

Little things could have set Klyde back, from someone starting a blower on the path way below him, as he first enters the crate in the morning, to a cart driving by.  New noises, smells, and sometimes the unknown will make an animal decide that something it has been doing reliably for days is no longer alright.  When you are training animals, patience is a virtue and a requirement.


What a handsome boy!


When Marge let me know that Klyde was starting to regress, we talked about the pros and cons of how to move forward.  We decided to go back to plan A and back to when he was successfully coming in and comfortably staying in.  Instead of adding people to the outside making noise around the crate, something he will have to deal with, once he is in the crate for his move, we decided it would be more beneficial to get him used to someone standing on top of the crate, as this will be imperative to shutting the back door of his crate.

Many days were spent getting Klyde comfortable again with coming in, including allowing him access at night.  Once he was back on track we added a piece of plywood to the top of his enclosure so someone could stand on it, and not totally scare him.  Then we had one keeper go up top, before Klyde had access to the crate area, and a second keeper called him in.  This way Klyde was able to get used to hearing a voice from above him as well.

All of this work resulted in a smooth transition into the crate.  Bye Klyde!  We will miss you.

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Puppy Matchmaking – Part 2

Will this little guy be a match for me?

Will this little guy be a match for me?

Today I am going to look at another pup!  This one is named Noah!  He is a 12-week-old Border Collie / Great Pyrenees mix… maybe.  From what I understand is he has a lovely calm demeanor and might be the right fit for my needs!   After work I’ll be taking my boyfriend’s dog and heading to do his temperament test.  The rescue is only about 30-45min away. (yay for being so close!) I am so lucky that they are willing to wait for me to get off work today and hold him for me!  I’ll let everyone know how it goes and take pictures of him if he is the right pup for the job.  I really hope I can tell you all, “I have finally found my match!”

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Seeking Tall, Sturdy, Strong, Smart, Loyal, Calm & Aware Service Dog

Some of you may or may not know that I am legally disabled and due to my disabilities I require the use of a service dog, now and again.  This past January I lost my service dog, Hurley, due to kidney failure.  He was my service dog for nine years.  I adopted him from a rescue at 9 weeks of age and his training began that very day.  It took a few years to get him 100% and from there he has traveled all over the United States with me.  Delta loved having him travel, despite his intimidating size, because he was so good with the kids on the plane.  It was always a cry free flight, when Hurley was on board!

Hurley - My service dog for nine years.

Hurley – My service dog for nine years.

Since Hurley’s passing I have known that I would need to get a new service dog to start training as soon as possible.  I also knew that I needed a little bit of time before I would be ready.

The last month or so I have been looking for my “match.”  I have looked at two different puppies and neither has been quite right or they would potentially not reach the size I will require for mobility support.  The dog that I am looking for needs to be around 3 feet tall, at the shoulder, so I can put my full weight on him/her.  They will need to be sturdy and strong.  As far as temperament I need a dog that will be smart, loyal, calm, aware, able to easily deal with change, good with all kinds of people and animals.  This is not an easy task, if all dogs were like this they wouldn’t be in shelters…so finding the right rescue dog and being able to help the dog understand my needs and be willing to trust me in all situations is not the easiest accomplishment.

Tomorrow I will be going to a local rescue and doing a temperament test on a 7 month old pup that may be right for me.  If he is I will post lots of pictures and if he’s not I’ll hope he gets adopted quickly!  Wish me luck and be thinking of names as I may need some help!

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