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Under Construction: Night Hunters XV

This week’s post is all about painting…

When the Carnivora House was renovated and transformed into the Cat House in 1985, local artists John and Emily Agnew painted beautiful, naturalistic murals on the walls of the new animal enclosures. During this renovation, we wanted to be sure to preserve as much of that original artwork as possible while freshening and touching up the exhibits that needed it.

The public areas, however, are getting an entirely new, fresh layer of paint. Once the final coat dries, subtle silhouettes of various nocturnal predators will be painted on the back walls in a slightly darker shade of blue. As a guest, you might not even notice these or perhaps just catch a glimpse of one as you pass by if the lighting is just right. It just adds another dimension to the mystery of the journey through the night, we hope.

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Under Construction: Night Hunters XIV

Now that the signage is out to print, I’m focusing my attention on the digital interpretive components. In particular, I’m pulling together the plan (and text and images) for what we’re calling the media wall.

The purpose of the media wall is to visually capture the visitors’ attention and draw them to the message that wild cats, even the small ones, play a vital role in nature and that the Zoo is working to protect them.

Four flat screen monitors are tucked into a larger photo collage of a variety of cats. Images, brief video clips, and quotes/text are displayed on each monitor. There is no intended linear progression within the programs that would require visitors to stick around and watch each one from beginning to end. It’s more like the digital images are just a dynamic part of the collage.

Night Hunters media wall

The current state of the Night Hunters media wall. It still needs a bit of work.

We are proud to be a leader in small cat reproduction, research, and conservation. The five small cats we focus most of our work on are the fishing cat, sand cat, black-footed cat, Pallas’ cat, and Southern Brazilian ocelot. These are the species that are featured most prominently on the media wall. Learn more about our cat programs on our web site.

Five small cats

The five small cats on which we focus our conservation and research programs.

Here are some other recent snapshots of the construction process:

Rolling in glass

Construction crew rolls in the glass window front of the new fishing cat exhibit.

ID sign placement

Graphics Manager, Greg Hanson, checks the placement of an ID sign mock-up. Can you find the error on the sign itself? Good thing it's just a mock-up!

Painting the walls inside the vampire bat exhibit

Painting the walls inside the vampire bat exhibit; the mood is blue throughout the building...

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Under Construction: Night Hunters XIII

All of the interpretive signage for Night Hunters is written, designed, and out to production. Woo hoo! See a sample below of the clouded leopard ID sign.

Clouded leopard ID sign

So now that the signage is at the printer, does this mean that my work here is done? Of course not! It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to get this big chunk of it out the door though.

Here are some other snapshots of Night Hunters progress this week:

Working on a wall

Preparing a wall for another coat of dark blue paint

Preparing the walls for a fresh coat of paint

Preparing the walls for a fresh coat of paint

Owl exhibit tree

The fabricated tree for the Eurasian eagle owl exhibit is nearly complete.

Cat crouches above you

The original artwork of a cat crouching above as you walk through the building was retained and given a fresh coat of paint for a new look.

QR code on Coming Soon sign

Scanning a QR code on the "Night Hunters Coming Soon" sign that links to a video preview of the exhibit; QR codes within the exhibit building will provide opportunities to see videos of the animals in action to enhance the interpretive experience.


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