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The real cheetah girls

We are fortunate in the Cat Show to have such beautiful female cheetahs.

Kathy Newton caught Sara in a quiet moment.

Mark Frolick snapped Nia looking very stoic.

Thanks Kathy and Mark!

October 15, 2011   9 Comments

The show still goes on

Just like last year the Cheetah Encounter show season has been extended into the fall.  If you did not catch the summer show yet, you still have time!  Here is what you are missing…

African crested porcupine Quilliam making his show debut.

Great serval jumps. [

October 9, 2011   No Comments

Oh deer

The cougar brothers love enrichment and had fun with a cardboard deer recently.

At first, they did not really seem to get what to do.

Luckily, trainer Megan-Kate was on hand to get them interested in playing.

After that, they started to get the idea and took a few chunks off the deer. (Don’t worry, they don’t eat the cardboard!)

Then they decided that wrestling with each other was more fun.

Silly boys!

Thanks to Kathy Newton for the photos!

September 26, 2011   No Comments