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The cougar boys in their new home

The cougar boys moved from the Cat Ambassador building to their new exhibit.  At first, they were pretty tentative about their new home.

But now, they are are so comfortable, they are exploring the exhibit from top to bottom!

Much thanks to Kathy Newton for the shots!

September 22, 2011   No Comments

Flying Fish(ing cat)

Fishing cat Minnow is rarely seen on the blog or in the tweets.  Her shy nature keeps her out of most pictures, but she has gotten over her stage fright and she shines during the Cheetah Encounter, where she shows off her natural swimming ability.

First she gets up on the “high dive”

After a fish gets tossed into the pond, Minnow heads in after it

A big splash for a small cat!

After retrieving her fish, Minnow comes up with her reward

A quick swim to the edge and Minnow is out

All in a day’s work for an ambassador fishing cat!

Thanks to photographer Steve Hill for these amazing shots!

August 31, 2011   No Comments

Chance at the pond

If you have ever seen the Cheetah Encounter Show you know that a cheetah starts the show by going out to the pond and right back.  Well, usually out and right back.  Sometimes Chance likes to go out and strike a few poses before coming back.

He IS a handsome boy. Do you suppose he knows it?

Thanks to Kathy Newton for the shots!

August 10, 2011   No Comments