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If you were being chased…

Ever wonder what it would be like if a cheetah was chasing you?

We imagine you would see something similar to this:

Thanks to Stephen Hill for the pictures!

July 14, 2011   2 Comments

The mound

In an effort to prevent the cheetahs from cheating in the yard and cutting off the lure while running, we added another mound to the yard.

We have observed some interesting use of the mound by the cats while they run.  Sometimes they do run around the mound, but sometimes….

they bounce off the mound, using it as a spring board.

or they go OVER the mound!

Turns out they CAN fly!

Thanks to Stephen Hill for the great shots.

July 8, 2011   No Comments

Summer shows

It is once again summer show season, and once again photographer friend Stephen Hill has captured some amazing running shots.

Here are just a few:

Bravo almost catches the lure early in the run.


Bravo flies by the crowd, as trainer Lynn narrates.

Even little Nia is running hard this summer.

Come see it for yourself at the zoo!

July 7, 2011   No Comments