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Welcome to the TRIBE!

While visiting the Children”s Zoo (CZ), the common question arises, who areВ these teens? All those teens are actually an important part of the CZ during the summer.В The goal isВ to help make a vistor”s experience better, while also gaining per

sonal experience on what it is like to be a part of the daily routine at the zoo.В I am aВ member of Teen TRIBE, an exciting new volunteer program for teens! What does Teen TRIBE do exactly? I would love to help answer that question by sharing my experience!

Everyday starts offВ with roll call. AllВ  teens gather to see who is working for the day, and receive important reminders or information from one of our awesome mentors! Then it is time to head to the CZ and break up into groups depending on our specific jobs.В My responsibility is toВ provide coolВ animal encountersВ for visitors so theyВ can have an up-close experience withВ the animals. Handling atoledo.com a wide variety of animals ranging from turkeys to snakes is a very fun job, but it is also something to take seriously. Teen TRIBE members are treated like members of the zoo staff. Since I work with live animals,В making sure I provide a fun experience for the guest while making sure the animalВ is handled safely is aВ major priority. Another coolВ part of my job isВ getting to learn a lot about the animals, and share what IВ learn with the visitors. DuringВ my entire shift, I get to casino online share animals with every visitor to the CZ! Of course, there are other jobs that TRIBE members have. They help out by playing games with kids on the playground, work in the Petting Zoo with the goats, help visitors learn about penguins at the Discover Zone, orВ a Jr. Zookeeper. It all depends on how much experienceВ the TRIBE memberВ already has, then working up!

What are some other fun parts of the TRIBE program? Making a lot of new friends and become very familar with zoo staff! Once accepted to beВ part of Teen TRIBE, a mentor is assigned who works at the zoo as well. We get to meet our mentors and the other members of the TRIBE at a fun party they have just for us!

Overall, it is a wonderful program! Read more about it on the zoo”s website under volunteer. Feel free to leave comments with any questions, andВ make sure to visit us this summer in the CZ!


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The VolunTeen Program

If you're a teen between the ages of 13 and 17, and you want a glimpse of what working at the Cincinnati Zoo is like, take a look a the VolunTeen Program! This year the program has some new and exciting changes for 2011! [Read more →]

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We Care About the Polar Bear

Hello everyone!

Volunteering might be over for the summer, but that doesn”t mean you still can”t be involved! In case you haven”t heard, the Cincinnati Zoo has joined up with Polar Bear International (PBI) and has become an Artic Ambassado

r Center! What does that mean? Basically, polar bear scientists are researching ways to save the bear and finding ways to reduce greenhouse gas in our communities. It also allows our zoo to participate in different educational programs, such as “Project Polar Bear”. This contest includes teens from all over the U.S. and the goal is to see which team can find ways to reduce the most CO2 (carbon dioxide) in a period of 3 months. I decided to participate this fall and make a team. Me and my friend Morgan make up the team called “Impact”. Our project online casinos has three main parts-

  • Recycling milk cartons in our high school
  • Planting 110 Tulip trees
  • Getting people to make a pledge

How can you support Morgan and I with our polar bear project? Stiamo parlando dei tavoli della Roulette , come quelli del Blackjack e per gli amanti dei giochi di carte non mancheranno tavoli da poker, da briscola ed ovviamente da scopa. It”s simple. Go to www.mycarbonpledge.com and pledge to turn your thermostat up 2 degrees in the summer and down 2 degrees in the winter! When you sign-up make your pledge with Impact. Part of the project also includes another blog I”m working on to let people know what Impact is doing. If you”re interested go to http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/programs/project-polar-bear/teams/impact to check out our page. Impact is not the only team trying to help the polar bears! Other Project Polar Bear teams are signed-up with the Cincinnati Zoo as well. If you want to know more about them and what the Cincinnati Zoo is doing to help polar bears go to http://www.cincinnatizoo.org/earth/CREW/polarbear.html#student.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here or on my PBI blog!

Lets make an impact!

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