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Zoo Careers Summer Camp videos

Our 6th-8th grade, full-day Summer Campers were asked to build a model of their vision of a new hippo exhibit and their idea of a commercial to advertise its opening as part of their Zoo Careers summer camp experience. The following videos are the results of their hard work and imagination. Enjoy!

Week 1a

Week 1b

Week 4a

Week 4b

Week 5a

Week 5b

Week 6a

Week 6b

Week 7a

Week 7b

Week 8a

Week 8b

Week 9a

Week 9b

Week 10a

Week 10b

Week 11a






September 4, 2015   2 Comments

Lorikeet Podcast: By Summer Campers Rami, Gavin, Daniel, and Taylor

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Bonobo Podcast- Alex, Sarah, Dylan

Here’s what our Summer Campers learned about bonobos.

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