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The Importance of Spring Flowers

If it were all about us, then spring flowers, despite the fact that they are often weak in color, low to the ground, spidery in appearance, or even just oddly formed catkins, would simply represent the coming of a new season. That, indeed, the planet had finally righted its wobble, temporarily at least, and tilted us toward the sun a little more so that our backs hunch a bit less, our muscles relax some, and smiles come a little easier to our faces. [Read more →]

March 11, 2011   No Comments

Slip Takes Best Leading Animal Award

Thanks to all who voted in the first annual Zoocademy awards.  Slip the manatee won by a narrow margin, just ahead of Kwashi the gorilla.

Since Slip is now swimming freely in the warm waters of Blue Spring State Park in Florida (follow Slip in the wild,) there will be no award ceremony.

If you missed it the first time, here’s Slip’s winning performance:

February 28, 2011   No Comments

Under Construction: Night Hunters VIII

Time is going by so fast! The new Night Hunters exhibit will be open before you know it. Here are some pictures of the latest progress.

The new way in and out

New entry and exit to the building

You’ll walk under a trellis (yet to be built) and enter the exhibit building¬†through [Read more →]

February 11, 2011   1 Comment