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Celebrate America Recycles Day!

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Tomorrow’s America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized day dedicated to celebrating and encouraging more recycling. A program of Keep America beautiful, millions turn out to thousands of events held through the country to learn more about recycling and what they can do to help. The #GreenestZooInAmerica is hosting our annual America Recycles Day field trip, engaging almost 400 elementary students in activities that promote the three R’s – reducing, reusing, and recycling. These activities make the connection between wildlife, conservation, and waste reduction, encouraging students to take positive actions in their daily lives. By recycling as much as we can, we will save energy, conserve natural resources, divert waste from landfills, and create jobs.

In addition to Friday’s field trip, the Cincinnati Zoo will continue celebrating America Recycles Day by participating in Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s “One Stop Drop” on Saturday, November 16. Residents are encouraged to bring their non-curbside recyclable items free of charge to the Whole Foods Parking lot in Rookwood between 10am and 2pm. These items include e-waste, plastic grocery bags, plastic #5’s such as butter or yogurt containers, and used writing utensils. A full list of accepted items can be found on their website.

Cohen Recycling, the electronics recycling partner of the #GreenestZooInAmerica, will also be hosting an e-waste drive with the Bengals on Saturday, November 16 from 10am-1pm in the lot at Longworth Hall. This e-waste collection event will allow Bengals fans to recycle their unwanted electronics in a responsible way, keeping harmful materials out of landfill and securely protecting your data. A small fee will be applied to recycle CRT monitors ($5), and tube/ projector TVs (under 32” are $10, over 32” are $20). All other electronics are recycled free of charge. A list of accepted items can be found on their website.

Dave Lapham, Margus Hunt and a teammate or 2 will be on hand for autographs and pictures between 11:30 and 12:30 during the event.  Plus, everyone recycling items can also enter for a chance to win many great prizes.

One lucky recycler will win VIP experience with club seats and sideline passes when the Bengals host the Ravens on December 29. Other prizes include a meet and greet with Dave Lapham plus dinner at Holy Grail during his radio show December 23, autographed footballs and Bengals Pro-shop gear.

Join the Cincinnati Zoo in celebrating America Recycles Day! If you visit the Zoo this Friday, look for the field trip activities throughout the Zoo. All are welcome to participate and learn more about recycling. This weekend, go to one of the drop off events to keep harmful items out of the landfill!

November 14, 2013   7 Comments

“Making Your Business Green” Event

Learn from business professionals and other experts about how to green your business.  It does not have to be expensive and overwhelming. This networking event brought to you by the Regional Storm Water Collaborative (RSWC) will illustrate how helping the environment will help your business. Little changes can make a big difference and small investments can go a long way. By going green your business can develop a whole new clientele. Learn how you can cater to this growing market from speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities from experts within the Tri-State area.

Speakers are local leaders that have saved money, resources, and increased business by going green, including yours truly from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden – the greenest zoo in America!

The RSWC created the savelocalwaters.org campaign to utilize mass media and shared resources in order to better raise awareness concerning environmental quality issues in the Ohio River Valley. By leveraging joint resources, the RSWC alliance is capable of reaching regional audiences with a consistent message in the most economical and efficient manner possible. Together we all work to keep our environment clean and safe! All contributions made to RSWC fund environmental education and advocacy.

The event takes place Wednesday, October 16 from 1pm-3pm. It will be at the Union Township Civic Center at 4350 Aicholtz Road, Cincinnati, OH 45245. Cost is free to members of the Regional Storm Water Collaborative, and $10 for non members. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!

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October 15, 2013   6 Comments

Fishy Business at the Base Camp Café

Written by guest blogger, Dan Divelbiss, one of the masterminds behind the Zoo’s aquaponics system.

“Waste” does not exist in nature.  All our furred, feathered, and finned friends don’t take a trash can out to the curb each week to watch their undesirables go “away”.  Instead nature has a plan for every scrap and left-over.  As we learn from nature, we too can begin to apply this concept to our lives.  If you were recently walking past the Base Camp Café on your way to Africa, you may have noticed a greenhouse filled with water, fish, and plants.  This is the Zoo’s newest effort synergize with nature’s design ethic: Aquaponics!

The aquaponics system in the Zoo's Greenhouse made possible by the Woodward Family Charitable Foundation.

The aquaponics system in the Zoo’s Greenhouse made possible by the Woodward Family Charitable Foundation.

Simply stated, aquaponics is growing fish to eat (aquaculture) and vegetables (hydroponics) together, where wastes from the fish are food for the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish. In this controlled environment, yields are high and reliable. Aquaponics systems range from simple, tabletop systems consisting of little more than goldfish and a few sprigs of basil to elaborate, commercial scale systems which employ many people and produce tons of food annually.  This particular aquaponics system in the Greenhouse was designed to show how folks can build their own family-scale, aquaponic garden from materials available at local hardware/landscaping stores.

This system consists of a fish tank, two grow beds for vegetables, a pump, an aerator, solids filter, and a biofilter.  Water flows through the system continuously in a closed-loop allowing nutrients and water to be cycled and recycled.  If this system were meant to accommodate a higher fish density (aka more “waste” producers in the same space), it would require a few more components.  However, this system with a low fish population and extensive biofiltration doesn’t require them.

Fish are housed in a tank. Water from the fish tank is pumped through solids removal and into a biofilter, where the fish waste is converted by bacteria from ammonia (possibly toxic to fish) into nitrates (non-toxic to fish) that can be used by plants. The water flows downhill from the biofilter into growing trays. Plants grow in beds of gravel or expanded clay (which also acts as an additional biofilter), or they are floated on the water in a floating raft.  After the water passes through a network of plant roots, it is returned, cleansed, to the fish tank. All through the process, air is pumped into the system to ensure plenty of oxygen for the fish, beneficial bacteria, and plants.  Each day the fish are fed and their excrement supplies the nutrients necessary for plant growth.

The current plants growing in the aquaponics system include basil, cucumber, and tomato. Each day, our SSA chefs harvest what they need for catering and restaurant meals, staying true to their commitment to providing our guests food that is as fresh and as local possible. For example, your caprese salad features basil grown in the Greenhouse, and picked just before it is tossed in your salad.

SSA Chef Brian harvests basil from the greenhouse for the first time.

SSA Chef Brian harvests basil from the greenhouse for the first time.

If you’d like to learn more about aquaponics, stop by the Zoo and check out this new exhibit next to the Base Camp Café. The Greenhouse was made possible by the Woodward Family Charitable Foundation.

Clockwise from bottom: Kevin Savage, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy; Adam Wyman, Elements Pro; Scott Beuerlein, Zoo Horticulture; Dan Divelbiss, Waterfields LLC.

Clockwise from bottom: Kevin Savage, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy; Adam Wyman, Elements Pro; Scott Beuerlein, Zoo Horticulture; Dan Divelbiss, Waterfields LLC.

Dan Divelbiss, MS is the managing member of Waterfields, LLC, an urban agriculture development company focusing on bringing commercial aquaponics to the urban core to create living wage jobs, revitalize communities, and sell to Cincinnati’s local food market.  Learn more at www.waterfieldsllc.com

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