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Happy National Zoo Keepers Week! Meet Manatee Keeper, Lindsay Garrett

Co-written by: Chris Edelen, Megan O’Keefe, and Wendy Rice

When it comes to incorporating natural talents into your career, few keepers have mastered the art as well as Lindsay Garrett. Not only is she super creative, but her artistic talents have come into play on more than one occasion in her role as zoo keeper. Whether she is shaping concrete for turtle enclosures or casting animal molds to raise money for conservation, Lindsay constantly finds ways to incorporate her strengths into her work.

When alligator “Lucy” was not shifting well into her holding area, Lindsay took it upon herself to trouble-shoot and come up with a solution. She reached out to keepers at other zoos for help and even built a gator-friendly ramp that would allow Lucy to feel the water in her holding pool, making shifting more comfortable for the visually-impaired crocodilian.

Lindsay with an alligator

Lindsay with an alligator


Additionally, Lindsay’s incredible patience and focus help make her a talented trainer. She developed a target-training program to facilitate shifting Lucy (who now shifts on cue successfully on a weekly basis!), and her colleagues call her a master of manatee training.

Lindsay training manatees

Lindsay training manatees

When it comes to educating the public, Lindsey is always willing. She even helped to develop an underwater keeper chat to help guests feel more connected to the Zoo’s manatees. Not only is Lindsay a wealth of knowledge regarding the animals in her collection, but she also conveys their environmental importance during her interactions with the public. She has also helped raise funds for conservation through her involvement with the Zoo’s American Association of Zoo Keepers chapter.

Lindsay’s positive influence even extends beyond her own department through her active involvement in the enrichment committee. Lindsay’s knowledge and insight help ensure that all the animals at our Zoo have safe and appropriate enrichment.

Co-worker Megan O’Keefe says of Lindsay: “She is ridiculously hard-working. I’ve never met anyone more on top of things than she is!” Chris Edelen said of Lindsay: “She goes above and beyond, and I am a better conservationist for seeing things through her eyes…”

Thank you for your dedication to our field Lindsay!

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Top 10 Zoo Stories from 2010

In 2010 we opened a new exhibit Dragons!, a new and improved Children’s Zoo and a brand new Cheetah Encounter facility.  We mourned the loss of Akilah, our beloved giraffe, and Nikki’s rhino calf, who lived less than one day (read rhino pregnancy blog posts.)  We celebrated the birth of two bonobos, the release of two rehabilitated manatees, the arrival of three new manatees, scientific achievements and the remarkable success of our cell phone recycling program!

Thanks to our fantastic videographer, Pat Story, we captured most of the year’s highlights on video.  Here are my picks for the top 10 zoo stories of 2010. What were your favorite zoo experiences this year?

1. Bonobo Babies – Outside for the first time!

2. Greenest Zoo in America – Thane Maynard narrates this “green” tour of the Zoo.

3. Manatee Released in Florida – Former resident of Manatee Springs, Slip, swims off with his new tracking gear!

4. Cincinnati Opera Returns to the Zoo – Wonderful voices in Wings of Wonder amphitheater.

5. Nikki’s Pregnancy – Historically significant as the first live birth of an Indian rhino using frozen sperm to AI the mother. Sadly, the calf lived less than one day.

6. New Cheetah Encounter – Thane & Cathryn Hilker show us around the new facility.

7. Dragons! Exhibit Opens – Featuring Hudo the Komodo dragon.

8. New & Improved Children’s Zoo – Home to Little Penguins, Goats, Llama, Alpaca, the Nursery & a play area where kids can pretend to “be the animal!”

9. Cell Phone Recycling Program – We collected 10, 355 phones!!

10. New Silverback Gorilla, Kwashi, meets the Females in his Group

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Manatee Podcast- Lindsay, Allison, Izzy and Desiree’

A Summer Camp podcast starring CC Baby and Turner

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