Tommy T Times Two

Such a big day for a little guy.  Tommy T, our three-week old cheetah, met the Cincinnati press today, and then he visited with the man who is responsible for his being here, and for whom he is named.  Tom Tenhundfeld, Head Keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo’s Mast Breeding Farm, is the brains and the heart behind this successful birth.  Because Tommy T is being hand-raised in the Cat Ambassador Program to become a ‘spokesman’ for his wild brothers and sisters, the Cincinnati Zoo’s Cat Ambassador staff will be raising him, training him and sharing him with the world.  However, for the next month, or so, Tommy T’s job is just to grow (lovingly cared for by Dawn and Ronda)!  His home will be the Zoo’s Nursery where visitors can see this sweet, furry fellow. Today, after all the fuss was finally over, there was time for a short visit with a big Friend.