a puppy?

I know what you’re thinking, what’s a puppy doing on the Cheetahdays site?

Well, today is a very special day for Cheetahdays.  We get to introduce you to Pow Wow, the soon-to-be best friend and partner of Tommy T!

And, Pow Wow isn’t just here because of her pretty face, she’s an Anatolian Shepherd with a purpose.  Little Pow Wow is here to help Tommy T teach all of us about how to save cheetahs in the wild.  Pow Wow represents a powerfully simple solution…a dog can save a wild cat!  As Tommy T and Pow Wow grow up together and are trained to join the Cincinnati Zoo’s Cat Ambassador Program, this team will teach an inspirational message of conservation and hope.

In many countries in Africa where the cheetah still lives, one of the greatest threats to their survival is by farmers who need to protect their livestock from predators.  Placing an Anatolia Shepherd with their livestock herd has proven to be one of the best solutions.  This 6000 year-old breed of dog guards with its life, and its powerful bark.  And, because cheetahs are so timid and avoid fights whenever possible, one loud bark and they flee (and the farmer no longer needs to trap and kill them to save the livestock).  Success!

In Africa, the dog scares the cheetah.  Here at the Cincinnati Zoo’s Cat Ambassador Program, the cheetah and the dog are trained to become friends in order to tell this amazing story!

Purrs (with a few puppy barks)