Puppy Portfolio

At five-weeks old, Pow Wow has already begun her training.  Anatolian Guard Dogs are a fierce and loyal breed.  Once they imprint on someone, they imprint for life.  And, in their ancient minds, they do this to save lives.  This is what makes them such an effective solution in Africa for helping to save the cheetah.  No one is getting near that dog’s ‘family,’ giving a farmer the real assurance that his herd is safe and he doesn’t have to shoot cheetahs to protect his livelihood.

So, Pow Wow’s trainers start addressing ‘imprinting’ right away.  They work very hard to give Pow Wow so many loving friends that she does NOT imprint on just one of them.  That makes her job as ‘teacher’ an easier one for her right from the start.

Pow Wow’s Cat Ambassador ‘family’:




Cathryn and Helen