media buzzzzzzzzz

Tommy T and Pow Wow, together, meet the press for the first time! Everyone was there and there were lots of questions about this charming pair.

Why a cheetah and a dog?

What breed of dog is this?

Why now?

The Cat Ambassador Program at the Cincinnati Zoo has been telling this story for eight years now with their Cheetah, Sarah, and their Anatolian Shepherd, Lexie.  Tommy T and Pow Wow follow in their footsteps! In Africa, the placement of guard dogs with the farmers’ herds has helped stop the killing of cheetahs.  A more scientific explanations…non-lethal predator control.  And, with only 10,000 to 13,000 cheetahs in the world, every cheetah saved is a victory!

Two small animals becoming a part of a very big story.