“Cheetah Cottage”

We’re here!

Tommy T and Pow Wow arrive with all their trainers…Cathryn, Linda, Alicia and Kathy.  The next few months of their lives are extremely important.  It is this all-day, all-night interaction with their trainers that will make all the difference.  It is a huge request to ask a wild animal to have people in his life, his entire life.  That requires a full-time commitment by these people. To have a trustworthy relationship with an adult ambassador cheetah, nothing less will do.  It is the comfort and quiet of the Cheetah Cottage which will give this bonding relationship room to grow.  

The impact that Tommy T will have in his life is in direct relationship to the growing needs of cheetahs in the wild.  His life will bear witness for them to each of us.  When You look in Tommy T’s eyes, You are looking in the eyes, and the spirits, of all cheetahs.  That makes You as important as Tommy T.

Welcome Home.