Voice Lessons

Pow Wow and Alicia work on a specific command to share with their audiences. 

“What does an Anatolian do when it is guarding its herd and a wild cheetah comes near?”

“Big Bark!!”

There is a big and vital purpose to these sweet pictures.  You are looking at what is termed NON-LETHAL predator control.  This is a big solution packaged in the heart and soul and instinct of this powerful breed of dog, the Anatolian Shepherd. Predators are deterred from killing livestock by this breed’s instinctual bravery and willingness to fight for the herd on which it is imprinted. Cheetahs are the easy ones as it only takes a few loud barks and the cheetah is sent running. These dogs will also risk their lives when they encounter tougher adversaries, such as leopards or baboons.

Sharing an alternative to killing predators is the whole point behind all that we do in the Cat Ambassador Program and Cheetahdays.  We want the world to see this very specific solution and consider it as the first choice in wildlife management.  The reality is that there are too few predators left in our beautiful world, cheetahs or jaguars or wolves, to continue to have eradication as the preferred management solution. Removing predators from an ecosystem throws everything out of balance; too many, unhealthy prey species and a silence that is deafening.

An animal guarding animals to save animals.  

See, we can ALL live together.

Big Bark!