Our winter home

While the cheetah brothers are enjoying their time out at the farm, the rest of the collection lives on zoo grounds, in the quarantine building.  The quarantine building used to be the old animal hospital, it was modified to house new animals coming into the zoo before they are moved into their zoo exhibit space.  We moved in at the end of November and will live here until the new area is done, hopefully in early April.  It is certainly a change for the animals to live indoors all winter but it also has its many advantages.  We are working hard to make it fun for everyone!

One of the perks of quarantine is lots of indoor space.  So even if it is cold and wet outside, everyone still gets daily playtime in the hall!

Tommy always has a blast with a whiffle ball and a little room to run!

Nia thinks whiffle balls are fun as well.

In addition to the 3 cheetah (Sara, Tommy and Nia) and the dogs, the other Cat Ambassador animals live in the quarantine building too.

Francis the red river hog loves his temporary room, especially making a mess right after a trainer cleans.  What a pigsty!

Serval Jambo enjoys checking out the kitchen sink during his playtime.  At three years old he has yet to figure out that he is NOT a fishing cat! Silly serval indeed.