One year ago today…

Today is the one year anniversary of the loss of a great cheetah.  Last year we lost Moya, our 11 year old cheetah, to old age.  He was our elder statesman, our handsome man, our first teacher and our show opener for the first two years of our summer show.  He was an amazing cat and a phenomenal ambassador and we would like to share some of his life with you today.

Born in South Africa and gifted from the Cheetah Outreach facility, he is admired and memorialized both here in the US and in his homeland.  To read Cheetah Outreach’s tribute to Moya and thoughts from Cathryn Hilker visit

Moya with his siblings and mother.  Now we know where he got his good looks!

Moya arriving in the US with Annie Beckhelling, founder of Cheetah Outreach.

Moya had a little bit of jet lag when he arrived but a quick nap took care of that!

Moya at the Kentucky Speedway, setting a land speed record!  Back then he chased a teddy bear as a lure.

Moya doing his ambassador job, at the Butler Water Festival.

Moya with trainer Linda, running for the press before the opening of our summer show in 2007.

Moya was the lone cheetah that opened our summer show in 2007 and 2008.

With trainer Alicia, no doubt purring away.

Alicia traveled to Cheetah Outreach in South Africa last fall, to take Moya’s collar and retire it by his memorial.

A sign at Cheetah Outreach tells the story of Moya’s success.

Moya was an unforgettable cat and the memory of his loud purr forever echos in our hearts.

We miss you Moya, today and always.