What’s for lunch?

Just like humans, animals need to eat too.  Zoo nutritionists formulate diets based on what animals eat in the wild and what type of food is available to us here in the U.S.

Eunice is holding Nia’s breakfast pan- looks tasty right?

Here is a closer look.  It reminds us of ground beef, before it is cooked.  BUT it is not the kind of stuff you can find at a grocery store!  This is a specialized diet made for captive cats by a zoo nutrition company.

In addition to the meat, some of the cats in our care also get fish (especially the fishing cat!), and beef heart pieces for occasional treats, big ones for the cheetahs, little ones for the small cats.  The fruits and veggies you see in the photo are for Sir Francis Bacon, the red river hog.

So, who wants to come over for lunch?