Who we are

The Cat Ambassador Program is made up of a pretty small team of people, most of whom you have already seen on the blog.

Above a group photo from Sara cheetahs record breaking run from last summer. (Thanks to our photo buddy Steve!)

Trainers from right to left are Eunice, Alicia, (cheetah Sara) Cathryn (the program founder), Linda and Kathy.

Even though sometimes keeping all the cats, dogs (and hog) happy, we have a good time and we love our job.

Most people ask what it takes to be an animal trainer and each trainer in the program has followed a different path to get here.  But, every animal job does require a college degree in Biology, Zoology, Psychology or a related field and experience working with animals.  The best advice we can give a youngster starting out is to study hard in school, read as much as you can about animals and when you are old enough start to volunteer at a local animal shelter or zoo.

Now you know us and hopefully you can come visit during the summer shows and we can get to know you!