In Memory of Shadow

Every cheetah on this earth is a valuable gift and plays a role in the survival of the species, whether wild or captive.  Each cheetah life is to be celebrated and honored, and each death to be noted and mourned.

Last week Cheetah Outreach in South Africa lost their beautiful male ambassador, Shadow.  The loss of an ambassador cat is so very difficult; it is a sadness that we know too well at the Cincinnati Zoo.  No words can heal the loss of a glorious cat, only the knowledge that he lived a privileged life for 14 years and was adored by so many.  Shadow’s legacy lives on in the conservation program he helped to create and in the hearts and minds of all that were lucky enough to know his proud purr.

Just as Cheetah Outreach honored the memory of Moya, we too honor Shadow.

Our hearts go out to Annie, Cheetah Outreach staff and fans.

Annie Beckhelling wrote about Shadow:

On Thursday, March 4th, Shadow, our oldest friend, died.  He touched the many hundred thousands, young, old, tall and small- a generation of children got to stroke his beautiful spotted coat- many more marveled at his dignity and took with them the conservation message he made real.

He died as he lived- fighting with great courage, so nearly beating the odds.


Annie Beckhelling

Founder and Director


To learn more about Shadow or the programs at Cheetah Outreach visit