Ever wonder where our wolves hang out?

Our new Wild Discover Zones are a hit! At various exhibits, we invite visitors to help us learn more about the animals through investigation.

For example, Zoo visitors collected data during April and May to help us determine where our wolves like to hang out most in their exhibit. It’s important to make sure our animals are happy and healthy and knowing how they use their space is a big part of that.

From the data collected by Zoo visitors, we found out that the wolves spent:

  • 63% of the time in the cave area,
  • 10% of the time in the back left hand corner of the enclosure,
  • 7% of the time in the middle of those two areas,
  • 7% of the time in near the viewing window, and
  • only 1-4% in all other areas.

So what do you think that tells us?