Crossing tasks off of my To Do list

Looking back at my work week, what tasks did I accomplish and can cross off of my To Do list? Here are a few:

  • Write ID signs for new animals coming in soon for the Discovery Forest exhibit (green aracari and basilisk lizard)
  • Complete visitor tracking surveys in the Discovery Forest exhibit to find out how visitors are using the Wild Research elements and interacting with volunteers
  • Review fall Zoo map proof & submit suggested edits to our Graphics & Publications Manager
  • Read 10 synthesis papers written by my Earth Expeditions participants  & meet with co-instructor for planning (we leave for the field portion of the course in Belize in just about 2 weeks!)
  • Observe and evaluate two Summer Camp instructors (they did great!)
  • Review the conceptual plan for the new Night Hunters exhibit (renovated Cat House) with the design team (the team likes it!)
  • Update materials for Wild Discover Zones, including Saving Species stories about Zoo staff that are working to protect animals like the black warrior waterdog and rockhopper penguin
  • Prepare for new Volunteer Educator training session that I’m leading tomorrow afternoon

It sure is busy around here!

Green Basilisk Lizard ID Sign
Summer Campers