#5’s, Staying Alive!

Ever wonder what to do with your #5 plastic tubs that aren’t currently accepted in curbside recycling programs? These types of plastics include containers used for yogurt, sour cream, cottage/cream cheese, margarine/butter, take-out and hummus.  Preserve© created a program called Gimme 5 that gives consumers a solution to recycling those pesky #5 plastics. Drop your #5 plastics off in the Gimme 5 bins at any Whole Foods© location, or mail them directly to Preserve©. Once recycled, these #5 plastics are made into toothbrushes, razor handles, tableware and kitchenware. By recycling your #5 plastics, you are saving plastic from being added to the landfills, conserving energy and resources by reusing plastic to turn it into a new product and keeping it local by recycling in the United States, rather than sending plastics overseas. Gimme 5 bins will also accept used Brita® filters. Visit Preserve’s website to find out more information. Start recycling your #5 plastics now!