Bath Time for Nikki

Keepers give Nikki a Bubble Bath
Keepers give Nikki a Bubble Bath

A girl loves her bubble baths & Nikki is no different.  Indian rhinos love water and are in fact great swimmers.  Although Nikki is given access to a nice deep pool in her exhibit every day, we make sure she gets good and clean with soap, water and a rhino washcloth.  Rhino keepers Renee Carpenter and Shelby Reichelderfer use Zafari Animal Wash, which is designed for rhinos, elephants and hippos, to lather Nikki up.  You can imagine the elbow grease it takes to get a rhino clean!

Nikki's skin
Skin Getting Scrubbed

Nikki loves her baths and likes to eat a snack of bananas, apples and carrots while she is bathing.  Her favorite part is getting a “belly brushing”.  Nikki’s bath moisturizes and conditions her skin and allows us to do a visual inspection and verify she looks healthy and happy.