E-Waste Recycling Event This Saturday!

Many of you may be looking for ways to dispose of electronics that were replaced with new ones this past holiday season. This Saturday, January 15,  Whole Foods will be offering a FREE E-Cycling Event at most of their stores. Recycling your e-waste (any electronics) is great for the environment, as it recovers valuable materials to make new products, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, reduces pollution and saves energy and resources. Event details are as follows:

E-Cycling Made Easy!

Saturday, January 15, 10am – 3pm

Whole Foods Cincinnati – 2693 Edmonson Rd.

Whole Foods Mason – 5805 Deerfield Blvd.

Possible acceptable items include:

Laptop Computers

Desktop computers, keyboards and mice

Mainframe computer systems

Cathcode Ray Tubes (CRT’s) and Monitors

Modems and telephone boards

Hard drives, floppy drives and CD ROMs

Phones, fax machines & telecommunications hardware


Computer boards, CPUs & memory chips, circuit boards, connecting wires & cables

Kitchen electronics such as blenders, food processors, etc.

Please note, they cannot accept televisions for recycling. Any hard drives in computers will be removed, scrubbed and destroyed by their partners at Esquire Environmental after collection.