Under Construction: Night Hunters XIII

All of the interpretive signage for Night Hunters is written, designed, and out to production. Woo hoo! See a sample below of the clouded leopard ID sign.

Clouded leopard ID sign

So now that the signage is at the printer, does this mean that my work here is done? Of course not! It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to get this big chunk of it out the door though.

Here are some other snapshots of Night Hunters progress this week:

Working on a wall
Preparing a wall for another coat of dark blue paint
Preparing the walls for a fresh coat of paint
Preparing the walls for a fresh coat of paint
Owl exhibit tree
The fabricated tree for the Eurasian eagle owl exhibit is nearly complete.
Cat crouches above you
The original artwork of a cat crouching above as you walk through the building was retained and given a fresh coat of paint for a new look.
QR code on Coming Soon sign
Scanning a QR code on the "Night Hunters Coming Soon" sign that links to a video preview of the exhibit; QR codes within the exhibit building will provide opportunities to see videos of the animals in action to enhance the interpretive experience.