Under Construction: Night Hunters XVI

The countdown is on – 22 days until the Night Hunters exhibit is scheduled to open! This will be quite a busy three weeks for everyone as the deadline approaches. There still seems to be quite a bit of finishing work to do…

Here’s some of what’s happening on site this week:

Next week, I’m off to the Felid TAG conference at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo where I will be giving a presentation titled “Innovative exhibit interpretation featuring small cats:  Night Hunters at the Cincinnati Zoo”.  Wish me luck!

What’s the Felid TAG?

“The Felid TAG is a committee of advisors with expertise in issues relating to wild cats. These advisors hold regular meetings attended by people from both AZA-member institutions and the private sector who have an interest in felids.

The Felid TAG provides a forum for discussing husbandry, veterinary, ethical, and other issues that apply to the wild cats housed in AZA-member institutions. TAG advisors also examine animal management techniques based on scientific studies and assist SSP coordinators in developing animal care manuals to present best practices for the care and welfare of felid species. TAGs also promote cooperation and sharing of information between AZA and other regional and international conservation programs.”