Under Construction: Night Hunters XVII

We have 10 days to go until I have to change the title of my posts to “Night Hunters Opens!”

My presentation at the Felid TAG conference in Omaha last week went pretty well. I only had 15 minutes to speak so I was rushing through the second half of it. Afterwards, I had several people come up to me with comments and questions and to let me know how excited they are to see the new exhibit once it opens so that is encouraging.

After spending a week out of town at the Felid TAG conference, I was anxious to get down to the Night Hunters site to see how much farther along it had come.

The interpretive team is eager to get inside the building once all the big construction is done and the place has been cleaned up a bit. We will need to move quickly to get all of the signs, monitors, speakers, and sound systems installed and working properly before the exhibit opens. I’m biting my nails, but we always seem to rally and pull it together in the end.