You Don’t Need Animal Companions to Have an Awesome First Day

…but it helps.

When I was hired as one of the new Public Relations interns at the zoo I thought I knew what I would be doing. I pictured myself sitting in an office all day while the fluorescent lights glared down from the ceiling and the air conditioning quietly hummed next to what would almost definitely be an outdated computer. Now, do not get me wrong, I was very glad to have the opportunity but I did not envision myself  having grand adventures amongst the zoo animals that culminated in a Snow White-esque musical number that made sure to remind the audience about the power of true love and friendship. Alas, I was completely wrong.

On my first day of interning in the “Press Box” at Cincinnati Zoo, I have spent about thirty minutes out of a seven-hour day in the office. In addition to that thrilling half hour of typing this blog post and writing a description or two for some photos, I was also able to go to six Animal Encounter shows, a taping of a sermon that will involve one of our White Lions and a trip to the Children’s Zoo so that I could try to catch a glimpse of one of our newest additions, Caspian the Eurasian Eagle Owl. (Side note: Vote for him to be the cutest Zoo Baby here! Cheetah babies are so cliche.) Add on to all of that the fact that even WITH a map I am severely directionally challenged and cannot seem to find my way around this place (I got lost no less than eleven times) and as a result I was able to explore nearly all of the zoo.

So, no. I did not get to hum a catchy tune that relayed a positive message with any deer or birds today but on a first day, or any day for that matter, I’d say I did pretty well.

conor gallagher