This One’s a Keeper! – Meet Marjorie Barthel

In recognition of National Zoo Keeper Week, we’re featuring some of our amazing keepers here on our blog.

Majorie Barthel often works with her favorite animal, a black rhino named Klyde, as one of the hoofed-mammal keepers at the Cincinnati Zoo. She began her career as a keeper by volunteering at the Cincinnati Zoo during high school and then got a part-time job working in the Children’s Zoo, eventually moving up to a full-time position working with elephants.

Marjorie and Klyde

Majorie has worked with gorillas & nocturnal animals, but her true love is hoofed stock.  On a typical day, she feeds, cleans, trains, administers medicine and gives the animals in her care the proper, personal attention they love. Like many of the animal keepers here, Majorie is a keeper for life. “This is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. I love it.”

Marjorie feeds Klyde
Marjorie feeds Black Rhino Klyde