Red panda (Photo: Aimee Huff)

Red Pandas, Red River Hogs & their Red-haired Keeper – Lissa Browning

Lissa shares information about Red Pandas at the 2:15 animal encounter.

Lissa Browning, a Cincinnati Zoo, Zoo Academy graduate,  has a passion for the animals she works with. “Working with the animals is fun! It’s the best part of my job.”

As a Wildlife Canyon keeper, Lissa works with a variety of animals including Red Pandas, Bactrian Camels, Sumatran Rhinos and Red River Hogs.  Lissa provides general care for the animals, cleans their exhibits and pens, participates in animal encounters and gives ultrasound examinations.

Lissa, who has been a Cincinnati Zoo employee for 14 years, does have her favorite animals. “The Red Panda is just such a unique animal,” she says.  Maintaining an enjoyable life for our animals, Lissa loves interacting with them every day and truly embodies the Zoo’s mission.

Make sure to say thanks to all of our wonderful keepers, like Lissa, during National Zoo Keeper Week. You can find Lissa at the Camel encounter at 9:30am – M, T, F, Sat, Sun and at the Red Panda encounter at 2:15pm – M, T, F, Sat, Sun.  Full animal encounter schedule >