Zookeeper Stephanie Carr is Living Her Dream!

Stephanie Carr has known that she wanted to work with animals, especially primates, since she was a young girl.  Growing up in Dayton, OH, she made frequent trips to the Cincinnati Zoo with her family. On one of those Zoo visits, Stephanie declared that she was going to be a Zookeeper some day. In fact, she was standing close to the spot where she is now throwing a celery snack to the gorillas (see photo above) when she made that statement!

After graduating from Wright State University, with a degree in Biology and a minor in psychology, Stephanie came to the Cincinnati Zoo in 2005 to do an internship in Manatee Springs.  She did two years of training in Jungle Trails before landing her dream job as a primate keeper in Gorilla World.

Stephanie enjoys the daily challenges that primates, especially gorillas, offer. “Gorillas are such intelligent animals. Working with them requires creativity, especially when planning enrichment exercises.  They won’t get too excited about a ball, which would keep some animals occupied all day long!”

Two-year-old gorilla Bakari is her favorite animal because of his rambunctious nature. Bakari’s mother, Muke, suffered from a severe sinus infection after Bakari was born and almost died.  Keepers, including Stephanie, and a team of medical professionals worked together to nurse Muke back to health.  That emotional experience, and the joy of the positive outcome, is one she’ll never forget.

Thank you Stephanie for all your hard work and dedication!