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Calling all Educators! Earn Your Master’s Degree at the Zoo!

Applications for the Zoo’s Master’s degree program are now being accepted! Applications for the Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) will be accepted through February 28, 2012. Don’t wait, though, you may miss out on important news and information about other graduate and professional development opportunities at the Zoo! Apply now!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with AIP, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. AIP is a Master’s degree program offered through Project Dragonfly at Miami University. Through inquiry-based courses offered here on Zoo grounds and in online learning communities, AIP students who are certified teachers can earn a Master’s Degree in Teaching Biological Science (MAT), and un-certified, informal educators can earn a Master’s Degree in Zoology (MA) in just 2.5 years! AIP promotes the idea that all students, regardless of their age, should have a voice in their education. We achieve that by examining the role and efficacy of inquiry-based teaching both inside and outside the classroom.

Although fully accredited, AIP isn’t your average Master’s degree program. AIP students positively impact their communities as they pursue their degree – they don’t wait until they have the degree-in-hand before they start influencing the world around them. AIP students are active leaders in their communities, promoting both inquiry-based education and environmental responsibility. Thus, while AIP is geared towards educators, AIP students both inside and outside the classroom are reaching children and adults through inquiry activities in a variety of settings. They’re reaching out into their communities and promoting conservation of nature and natural places. AIP students plan their own route through the program, and form a network of educators all supporting each other’s goals. In short, AIP students are on the ground, actively teaching, collaboratively learning, and affecting change. Come join AIP and help us shake things up!

For more information about AIP, check out the website. Spread the word to colleagues and friends, and let me know if you have questions or need to meet before you apply. What are you waiting for? Make the Zoo your Campus!