What’s Your Green Umbrella?

Last Thursday, the Green Umbrella website was officially launched at a press conference held here at the Cincinnati Zoo. Green Umbrella is the region’s sustainability alliance, bringing together over 100 different organizations dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, conserving water, saving resources and going green. 8 different action teams are coming together to focus on specific topics and challenges in our region, such as land, outdoor recreation and education, local food, energy conservation, renewable energy, transportation, waste reduction and watershed management/water quality. The “What’s Your Green Umbrella?” campaign is inviting individuals to register on the website and start tracking the green actions you take. As you track these actions, the amount of money you save as well as how many tons of CO2 kept out of the atmosphere is tracked as well.

All you need to do is go to the “What’s Your Green Umbrella?” website and register! Once registered, you can join the Cincinnati Zoo’s Group and our actions will be tracked so we can collectively see the big impact we are having – all are welcome including you (our guests), Zoo staff and Zoo volunteers. Help us continue to shine as the greenest zoo in America, and sign up and start tracking your actions. By registering, you will be entered to win numerous prizes, including $25 gift certificates to Home Depot, a one year membership to the Cincinnati Nature Center, and even a lifetime membership to the Cincinnati Zoo.

A few reasons to participate –

The quality of the region’s environment needs attention. By joining together we will have a huge impact on the future of the community and the health and well-being of our friends and neighbors.

Using less energy means spending less money. It is that simple. This site will provide tips and recommendations to save you the most money!

Join your affiliated groups (like the Zoo!) on this site and add your efforts to their total. Show the region that the Zoo’s community makes the most impact!

The site will continue to evolve and include different actions that you can take, as well as provide tips and resources to help go green, save money and save resources. Sign up today and start tracking your progress!