Where in the Zoo? Dinosaur Garden!

So where in the Zoo was this photo of a petrified log taken? In the Dinosaur Garden!

Petrified log

This petrified log came from a tree that lived over 150 million years ago. Its trunk was buried in a muddy swamp and the wood was slowly replaced by minerals in the water.


Dinosaur Garden sign


Located outside the Reptile House, the Dinosaur Garden showcases ancient plants. In the age of dinosaurs, conifers like redwoods, bald cypress, and ginkgos were the dominant trees along with ferns, cycads, and mosses. Early types of flowering plants also existed, including magnolias, katsura trees, water lilies, and palms.


Also featured in the garden is a chunk of coal. Coal is the fossilized remains of plants that lived a long, long time ago.