Where in the Zoo? World of the Insect!

So where in the Zoo was this photo taken?

Painted pattern

In the World of the Insect building, of course!

Did you know that we were the first zoo to devote an entire exhibit building to insects? World of the Insect opened back in 1978 and was honored with an Association of Zoos & Aquarium Exhibit Award. Showcasing a variety of six-legged species from bullet ants to taxicab beetles, the exhibit aims to foster an appreciation and respect for these amazing creatures.

Bullet ants
Bullet ants
Taxicab beetles
Taxicab beetles

A budding entomologist can learn loads from the colorful images and text presented along with the insects themselves, including the stages of metamorphosis in butterflies.




Adult butterfly


Naturalistic exhibits, including an indoor tropical butterfly aviary, enhance the visitor experience.

Butterfly aviary in World of the Insect
Butterfly aviary in World of the Insect


Passion flower butterfly (Photo: Terry Repp)
Passion flower butterfly in World of the Insect (Photo: Terry Repp)

Outside the World of the Insect, there is also a Butterfly Garden that blooms with flowers in the spring that attract our native butterflies.

The Changing, on a sign in the Butterfly Garden
The Changing, a poem I wrote for a sign in the Butterfly Garden

Next time you’re at the Zoo, make a stop at the World of the Insect!