Earth Month, Day 2: Happy Earth Month!

Welcome to Earth Month! Join the Zoo in going green to help preserve and protect our environment. We have started with small changes – changing light bulbs, fixing leaks, recycling, etc. – until we were comfortable to move on to bigger changes such as solar panels, geothermal wells and pervious pavement. Follow the Zoo’s blog throughout the month to learn about ways you can go green at home, work or school, as well as find out about green events and other resources in Cincinnati and surrounding areas to celebrate Earth Month, and be inspired to celebrate all year long, not just during the month of April. Start with small changes like we did, such as using reusable bags, changing your light bulbs to energy efficient ones, recycling your waste and composting food and yard scraps. Once you are comfortable with these small changes, you can move on to bigger ones. Soon, you will start to see how these eco-friendly changes can have a big impact on your wallet, your health and the environment. If at any time you have “green” questions, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].