Thursdays with Don & Tom

When Dawn Strasser, head of the Zoo’s nursery, asked me to hold and cuddle  two baby wallabies on my lap every Thursday morning, I said “yes” without hesitation.  Two and a half years ago, when I started my job here as online communications manager, I would have said “no” because I had too much work to do.  I have my boss to thank for actually MAKING me get out to do things that I’ll “remember on my deathbed.”

Today, I jump at the chance to do cool things like see a rhino get an ultrasound, go behind the scenes with the king penguins, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, camels, and a Komodo dragon, hold an African penguin, and touch a red river hog, a porcupine, etc… It’s a long list, but sitting in the nursery with baby wallabies on my lap is right at the top!

BONUS, I can actually get my work done while I hold the babies.  I’ve already tweeted (about the wallabies) answered emails, and now I’m blogging!  Don, the wallaby with the darker face, likes my iPad (see photos below.)  He also likes to play with my camera strap.

Several staff members are also volunteering to help “socialize” Don & Tom.  They will eventually be moved to Lorikeet Landing and will interact with the public, so our “job” is to make sure they learn to like people!  According to Dawn, this is a crucial age for the babies to have positive experiences with humans.  So, I’m thrilled to part of the love team.

I’ll be posting Don & Tom updates each week.  This week they just stayed on my lap all morning. Tom never even poked his head out of the pouch.  Don was curious about everything. I’m probably not supposed to have a favorite, but I’m pretty fond of Don!!