The Wallaby Babies are Growing Up!

Dawn with Don & Tom – 1st outing

The boys’ quarantine period is over, so we’ll get to start taking them out of the nursery after Dawn & Ronda, nursery keepers, train us on proper pouch techniques. Bending over while carrying them, for instance, is a no-no because that would be a mom’s signal to get out!

Today Don & Tom both cuddled on me in separate pouches. They fought over the one pouch on my lap last week, hissing and scratching each other, so I grabbed two this time and everybody was happy. They’re getting bigger and more independent.

The nursery is pretty full right now with three baby miniature pigs, three baby bat-eared foxes and Lucy the bearcat, so the nursery keepers can’t spend as much time with the wallabies as they did before the new babies arrived. The time that the socializing team spends with them is more important than ever.

Don shows his dance moves