Big Tails of Two Wallabies

I tweeted from the nursery this morning that Don had just whacked me in the head with his “tale.”  I caught the mistake right away and sent a follow-up tweet apologizing for the typo, but I couldn’t follow every retweet with an explanation.  And the one time that I would have preferred no RTs, there were many! For the record, I know the difference between a tale and a tail, and Don’s got a pretty powerful tail!

Don won the lap war this morning.  He held his ground in the pouch on my lap and thwarted Tom’s frequent head-first attempts to dethrone (unpouch) him.  They put on a pretty good show for the guests looking in through the nursery window.  In addition to watching the live action, one guest scanned the QR code that’s on the wallabies’ ID sign. The QR code links to a video about the baby wallabies, and I was happy to see him watch it and then show it to his daughter (making the QR codes & tracking their use is part of my real job!)

I look forward to having more wallaby tales to tell next week.