Zookeeper Paul Reinhart Does It All

Paul with mother & baby camels

Zoo Academy graduate Paul Reinhart began his career at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden 30 years ago.  At the Zoo, Paul oversees the care of a variety of hoof stock, including three species of rhinos, okapi, zebra, bongo, takin and camel. He also cares for the red pandas and works with cheetahs, tufted deer, and cranes that are housed at the Zoo’s off-site breeding facility. Paul’s typical day includes feeding animals, cleaning exhibits, fixing things, cleaning pools and “doing whatever needs to be done!”

Paul in Sumatra with mother rhino Ratu

Paul just returned from spending four weeks at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Indonesia, where he attended the historically-significant birth of a male Sumatran rhino. The event was personally significant for Paul, who was also present at the birth of the calf’s father, Andalas, at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2001 (by marcus).  Andalas was the first rhino bred and born in captivity in over a century, and Paul was on his team of caregivers. He, and the rest of the C.R.E.W. team, are beyond thrilled that Andalas is playing such a pivotal role in the survival of his species.

Ratu and Andatu

In his free time, Paul enjoys biking and canoeing. One of his favorite activities is cutting grass. Something about turning on his iPod and using a push mower brings joy to this hoof stock zookeeper.