What’s the Buzz?

Guest post by Jessica Henn- Buzz Troop Volunteen
What’s the buzz in Buzz Troop? Well, we are trying to help the bees and the butterflies by finding their favorite flowers, so the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden can plant more of their the plants they like best!

Bees in the #ZooGarden
Bees in the #ZooGarden

We all want to be able to enjoy these majestic creatures, so we are working on preserving them not only for our current generation, but also for generations to come. Without all of our terrific pollinators, we would not have many of the foods that we enjoy today, such as honey, onions, and kiwifruit. If we don’t want all of our pollinators, which we depend on for many foods, to disappear, we must all do our part in stopping the decrease of an essential part of nature’s ecosystem.

The Cincinnati Zoo’s Buzz Troop is helping our pollinators to again become abundant and thriving so that future generations can protect and enjoy all of these beautiful and critically important creatures. I personally find it important to protect and preserve all of nature so that the world will forever look original for everyone to see and experience as it was meant to be. Helping to save the pollinators is just one step to keep natural habitats safe.