Meet Tom Tenhunfeld

Contributors: Linda Castaneda, & Wendy Rice

Tom Tenhundfeld works as a keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo’s off-site breeding facility, Mast Farm. Tom lives and works at the Mast Farm where he is responsible for the daily maintenance and upkeep of the huge 107-acre property as well as the care and husbandry of breeding populations of cranes and cheetahs, among other species.

Tom Tenhundfeld and Cathryn Hilker
Tom Tenhundfeld and Cathryn Hilker

Speaking of cheetahs, Tom is the leader of one of the most consistently successful cheetah breeding programs in the country. Since 2002, 41 cheetah cubs have been produced at the facility under Tom’s guidance. He is patient, but tenacious with his collection, and his attention to detail and knowledge of cheetah language is a skill that is unique and that no doubt contributes to his success.

Tom used to be an on-grounds hoofed stock and carnivore keeper. His animal sense and years of experience make him invaluable in his current role. He always puts his animals first and isn’t afraid to speak on behalf of their well-being. We are proud to have Tom on our team!