Waterdog Babies Hatch at CREW

  This past summer, CREW‘s aquatic salamander lab welcomed baby waterdogs into the world.  Female waterdogs ‘Glitzy’ and ‘Muffintop’ both layed fertile eggs.  It has been exciting to witness and document the development of [...]

Waterdog Eggtravaganza!

CREW’s aquatic salamander laboratory supports the only zoo-based captive assurance population of the endangered Black Warrior waterdog.  In the first year of the project, CREW scientists developed the life support and husbandry protocols necessary [...]

CREW Waterdogs Have the Right Stuff

  Waterdogs exhibit distinct periods of activity and feeding depending on the season.  Reproductive function is also highly seasonal.  Male waterdogs produce spermatophores in Fall, at which time females collect and store the sperm [...]